RULES & CONDITIONS: (Please read carefully)

  1. Age Limit is to 18 years inclusive. Ages will be determined as at the first day of the competition – 26th May 2017. Competitors who are not at school are eligible to enter in appropriate sections.
  2. The Competition will be conducted according to the conditions set down by the Innisfail Young Performers Competition Association.
  3. Competitors must enter their respective group, except duets or ensembles where a primary competitor may perform in a secondary section – but not in both.
  4. Entries Close on Friday 7th April 2017 with the Registrar at:
    PO Box 253, Innisfail, 4860
    * Postal entries only will be accepted.
    * Definitely no phone entries will be taken.
    * Early entries would be appreciated.
    * Definitely no late entries will be accepted.
  5. Entries will not be accepted unless accompanied by the correct amount.

    1. Total amount for all items entered on entry form.
    2. Please pay by cheque, money order or direct deposit (PLEASE INCLUDE NAME OF COMPETITOR ON DIRECT DEPOSITS) – no cash or stamps please.
  6. Official Programmes will be available from Rothnie’s Pharmacy prior to the competition. Out of town competitors may order copy by indicating on the entry form.
  7. Order of Appearance on Stage will be in reverse order of receipt of entry, i.e. last in – first on.

    1. The entry form must contain the competitor’s NAME, DATE of BIRTH, SCHOOL YEAR (as at the commencement of the competition: 26th May 2017 FULL ADDRESS, E-MAIL ADDRESS (if applicable) and APPROXIMATE DURATION OF ITEM.
    2. Solos, duets, ensembles, groups and choirs must be entered on separate entry forms not mixed together. A separate entry form is required for each competitor, i.e. each solo, duet, group, etc.
    3. Care should be taken to list all names and details correctly. Duets, trios, ensembles must have the particulars of each competitor on the entry form (or in the cases of ensembles, attached to the entry form).
    4. Extra forms will be available but may be photocopied at own expense. When an official form is not available, entries will be accepted on a clear sheet, provided care is taken to include all necessary details.
    5. Entry forms must be signed by the parent, guardian or teacher – not the competitor.
    6. Please notify immediately if an entry is withdrawn.
  9. It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that they have entered the correct section. The committee takes no responsibility for incorrect entries. School year and Section numbers are clearly stated in this programme.

    1. For the purpose of this Competition, UNISON will mean all voices singing or speaking the same note, sound or word at the same time.
    2. Ensembles will consist of up to, but no more than 8 members, except where indicated.
    3. Any choir group or ensemble entered as a school choir, group or ensemble shall consist solely of bonafide scholars of the school name.
    4. The names and years of members of choirs and groups must be in the hands of the Secretary before the commencement of the competition.
    5. Choirs shall assemble in areas designated by the Marshals who will be in control of positioning all choirs.

    1. Competitors must not perform the same ‘Own Choice’ item in more than one section.
    2. Competitors must submit to the Secretary copies of Own Choice items by 28th April 2017 after which NO changes will be made. The Committee reserves the right to invalidate an entry if this condition is not met.
    3. Competitors may repeat material in 2 consecutive competitions but not in 3.
    4. NOTE: All photocopies of music must be clear, on A4 size paper, with an APRA Form 2 attached to the BACK of each piece.
      All Own Compositions, either Music or Speech, must have
      “STATUTORY DECLARATION” attached to BACK of each submission.

    1. The Adjudicator’s decision will be final.
    2. No prompting will be permitted except by the Adjudicator. Deviation from this rule may result in disqualification.
    3. When necessary, the Adjudicator may hear only portion of an item. The ringing of the bell does not mean that the competitor lacks ability; it means enough of the item has been heard for a decision to be made.
    4. If necessary, competitors may be given a second opportunity to complete their item. In this case they are to be given an adjudication and a mark after the deduction of a penalty at the Adjudicator’s discretion. They should not be awarded a place unless the adjudicator decides that their performance is so outstanding that, even after the penalty, their marks are still higher than other competitors. Technical problems are excluded.
    5. The Adjudicator’s decision will be final except in cases of dispute regarding age or incorrect entry, when the Committee’s decision will be final.
    6. The Adjudicator’s decision will be final except where it appears that a manifest error has been made.
    7. Adjudicator’s report sheets will be available at the reports table at the completion of each Section.
    8. This Association will not be held responsible for Adjudicator’s remarks.
  13. PROTESTS –
    No protest or dispute matter will be permitted unless made in writing and handed to the Secretary within half an hour of the cause arising, accompanied by a fee of $15.00. In all cases the fee will be forfeited if the protest or dispute is considered frivolous. The decision of the Protest Committee will be final.

    1. Parents, guardians, teachers and competitors must not communicate either verbally or in writing with the adjudicators during the competition; the Committee reserves the right to disqualify any competitor who personally, or whose parents, guardian or teacher, in its opinion, infringes this rule.
    2. Competitors may not receive tuition from the adjudicator within 3 months prior to the commencement of competition.
      PLEASE NOTE: As some of our committee members are also parents of competitors, it may be necessary for them to speak with adjudicators before or during the competition on competition matters.
  15. AWARDS –

    2. In all section first, second and third place will be awarded.
      FIRST PRIZE – Trophy
      SECOND PRIZE – Medallion
      THIRD PRIZE – Medallion
      HIGHLY COMMENDED – Certificates will be awarded on stage but may have to be completed at the office.
    3. MERIT CARDS – Competitors who have participated and not been placed may purchase a Merit Card for 20¢ at the office, regardless of points obtained.
  16. SECTIONS –

    1. The Committee reserves the right to cancel or combine any sections where there are insufficient entries.
    2. The Committee reserves the right to divide sections, which have large numbers of competitors. The two groups will be adjudicated separately.
    3. Every endeavour is made to stage senior sections after school hours.

    1. Competitors must appear in the order of the programme on the day, unless altered by the Committee. Whilst desiring to adhere to the programme as printed, the Committee reserves the right to amend should it be considered necessary.
    2. Competitors must not remain in restricted areas when not competing.

    1. Competitors must report backstage one section prior to the one in which the competitor will be competing.
    2. Competitors in the first two sections of any session must report 30 minutes before the start of the session. Competitors may check in with the marshal, then leave the area until their section is called. Failure to either check in and/or leave the area will result in immediate disqualification from that section.
    3. Backstage passes will be issued to teachers/accompanists (3 per school) with receipt of entries. Backstage helpers, who do not hold a Blue Card, must obtain an official pass from the Secretary’s office. NB: No person will be permitted backstage without this pass.
    4. No stagehands are provided to handle props. Competitors are responsible for setting up and carrying their own props onto stage.
  19. The stage area will not be available for rehearsal during the course of the competition.
  20. Competitors compete at their own risk. Every care will be taken for the competitor’s safety, but the committee will not be responsible for any injury sustained by a competitor during the competition. The committee is not responsible for any injury sustained by any persons – authorised or unauthorised – during the competition.

    1. Unless stipulated otherwise, no solo item will exceed 3 MINUTES.
    2. Competitors will be adjudicated to the prescribed time limit and no further, at which time he or she may or may not be ‘rung off’ and marks deducted.
  22. No ‘backing tapes’ or amplified accompaniment will be permitted in any section of the competition, except where indicated.
  23. Competitors are reminded of the provisions of the Copyright Act 1968 granting exclusive rights of reproduction to the holders or owners of the Copyright of the material concerned. The Innisfail Young Performers Competition Association Incorporated Management Committee shall accept no responsibility in the event of the breach of Copyright occurring.

    APRA Form 1 must be completed and returned with Entry Form.
    APRA Form 2 must be completed and returned with any photocopied material submitted for use by the Adjudicator – this will not be returned to competitor – but will be destroyed – an original copy must be used on stage.
    APRA Form 5 must be completed and attached to music if accompanist is playing from a photocopy.
    STATUATORY DECLARATION – must be attached to competitors own, original work.

  24. The Committee regrets that the use of cameras, tape recorders or video cameras in the auditorium is prohibited, as this constitutes an infringement of copyright and privacy laws. The committee is in no way responsible for any personal breach of copyright.
    Bodnar – Year 10 & over
    Beavon – Year 7, 8 & 9
    Zahra – Year 4, 5 & 6
    (Competitor attaining highest aggregate in three solo sections, at least two of which must be in different disciplines, ie, Vocal/Instrumental/Speech. First placegetters must obtain minimum 80 marks to be eligible for these awards.)
    Determined on a points system, ie,
    Championship = 9 points
    1st = 8 points
    2nd = 5 points
    3rd = 3 points
    VHC = 2 points
    HC = 1 points
    In the event of a tie, the number of first places will be considered, then second places, etc. If still tied then adjudication marks will be tallied.

Please Note: Impromptu Sections are no longer considered in calculating aggregates.


98. Letter Writing Year 7 & over
99. Letter Writing Year 6 & under
100. Original Poem (not to be performed) Year 7 & over
101. Original Poem (not to be performed) Year 6 & under
102. Play or Short Story Year 7 & over
103. Play or Story Story Year 6 & under